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Get your store / business online and start selling globally. With our ecommerce solutions grow your business, explore and get connected with customers for better feedback that will help you to better understand the customer needs.

eCommerce platforms

We analyzes your business model and targets clients to determine the best solution for your bespoke e-commerce store. We recommend using Magento when you need a robust, scalable solution with custom product configurations and multiple operation tools for order processing. For smaller and more straightforward online stores, we use WordPress with WooCommerce integration.

Flexible business solutions

We get to know your business from the ground up so we can build you a custom solution that allows for autonomy. We create standalone e-commerce applications that are easy to operate and manage, giving you the freedom to quickly apply changes.

Integrations at every step

We don’t just build an e-commerce website, but rather a whole ecosystem that supports your business. We have various tools that can be implemented to help you manage your operations from inventory control and marketing tools right through to payment gateway and shipping services.

Security consultancy

We partner with some of the best hosting providers in the industry so we’re well-equipped to consult you on a flexible server solution that fits with your business needs. Our system operations team can provide you with expert advice on how to protect your business and keeping sensitive data safe.



We take the time to learn about the client’s business and products as each business is different in size, services, and processes. We’re able to give custom solutions in design, UX/UI, and application architecture.


We future-proof your e-commerce site to allow for flexibility and changes as your business grows. WFN will help you find the optimal solution that fits within your strategy, vision, and budget.

big data agility

We  will analyze your data flow and recommend an appropriate third-party system that will allow you to synchronize and track data efficiently across sales, sign ups, shipments, and inbound traffic.

performance & security

Our specialists take multiple measures to ensure scalable and reliable server solutions with security in mind to handle your everyday consumers and traffic spikes. We ensure that product pages and checkout process will always load smoothly and quickly.

Key Features

Easy SEO

Just focus on your content. Our SEO technology is out of the box with zero plugins to worry about

No Plugin Mess

Easy to manage. No need to hunt around and make plugins work. Everything is out of the box

Think Beyond Templates

Fully flexible user experience. Do not constrain your brand within templates

90 Percentile Speed

Consumers do not wait. Get more sales with our high speed technology.

Scale to Millions

Run your high-budget marketing campaign with confidence. Our cloud scales elastically

Web, App & PWA

All-in-one solution with desktop and mobile web, progressive web app and native mobile apps

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